Full Service Videoproduction

If you are looking for a professional music video, you are at the right website. 

Robin de Bruin, known as Chef Visuals, is one of the best music video directors in The Netherlands, with over 8 years of experience. In those 8 years, Robin has worked with some of the biggest established artists from The Netherlands and Belgium, such as Snelle, Frenna, Hef, Kevin, Murda, Metejoor, and Camille, but he also loves working with rising stars like Marc Floor, Pjotr, and Jada Borsato.



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Camille – Ademnood

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Marc Floor – Kapitein

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More Than a Director

Although you can hire him as a director for your next project, Chef Visuals operates more like a video production company. Depending on the complexity of the video production, Chef Visuals will put together the team that is needed to achieve the best possible results within your budget. This is great because you can just be in touch with ONE producer and get ONE price for the whole production instead of communicating with a director, location scouts, dancers, stylists, and editors at the same time, who have never worked together. Chef Visuals has an amazing, flexible team of professionals and knows exactly which professional is suited for each production.

How we work & Pricing

So, what does a music video cost? And how do we start?

I have to be honest: If you are looking for the cheapest music video maker, I am NOT your guy. If you are looking for a professional production company that will take care of everything and you want to know the all-in price BEFORE making any commitment, you are at the right place.

In order to give you the price without any unexpected costs later in the process, we need to know exactly what the video we want to make is going to look like. To do this, we offer you a free ‘Treatment’, which is a document that shows and tells you about the concept and script of the video. Once we know what the video is going to look like, we can assemble the team, locations, & equipment we need. Now we can send you a quotation without any hidden costs.

So, what do we need from you? In order to provide you with a free treatment and a suited quotation, we need:

  • The song. We need to hear the song to be able to visualize the music video.
  • Your input. If you have any ideas or references that you would like to see incorporated into the script, they are more than welcome but not required.
  • The budget. We can make a video in lots of different ways. Of course, different budgets bring different possibilities. We just need an indication of your budget so we don’t waste your time by waiting for and reading scripts that won’t fit your budget.
  • Release date & availability. We are accustomed to working with tight deadlines. We will ensure that the video fits your schedule and is delivered well ahead of time.

Please send us your request via info@chefvisuals.com or call +31627172257.

P.S. We meticulously evaluate each request and ensure swift feedback, but it’s not guaranteed that we will proceed with every application. We only accept a project if we are confident that we can deliver the maximum outcome. Receiving a treatment/concept/script from us is completely non-binding.